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Laravel Development

The PHP-based Laravel MVC framework is our primary choice for scalable & enterprise-level web-based application development. We are one of the leading laravel based software development companies in the world and we pride ourselves in making extremely scalable & custom software solutions that surpass our clients needs.

"Beautifully crafted software by senior engineers."

Why Laravel?

We get this question a lot and unless you're familiar with Laravel, it may not be the answer you'd expect. Many believe we make our choice based on the fact we are "familiar" with the framework, and while we are definitely familiar and take this into consideration when bidding any job and identifying budget requirements, this isn't the main reason we choose Laravel.

ActiveLogic Labs prides itself in finding the right tool for the right job. When architecting & engineering software that has to process a lot of data, or has handles a higher loads of traffic, you have to architect solutions that scale, but you also have to consider maintenance & collaborative development. Laravel offers one of the cleanest solutions for making event-driven systems that incorporate detached logic-based containers in which to write your functionality. This makes the code easy for a team to maintain as well as the ability to scale the application.

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