Unlike staff augmentation, our managed service model allows you to focus on the work rather than on the developer.

When you work with ActiveLogic, you are working with a well equipped and experienced development shop.  You’re not working a staffing agency who’s goal is to find as many developers to throw at you for an interview as possible.

Our team-as-a-service model makes it easy to get rolling on your project quickly! Picking and choosing developers is a thing of the past. All you have to do is collaborate with one of our software leads about what needs to get done. It doesn’t matter if it’s a front-end task, back-end or anything in between. You can be as high-level or low-level as you’d like, our software leads is your main point of contact through the entire development process. It’s the job of the lead to make sure the development efforts get done according to expectation.

Tech Stacks & Frameworks

PHP Stacks

The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, & PHP) stack is a veteran among all tech stacks. Rightfully so as it’s gain in popularity was fueled by the open source developer community. ActiveLogic’s preferred stack is a variation of the LAMP stack, although we tend to favor Nginx over Apache. Our preferred PHP development framework is Laravel, although we work a lot with other frameworks like Symphony, Zend, and Drupal to name a few. Most of our development staff are full-stack developers and are well equipped to handle both front-end and back-end tasks.


While .NET is not really a “stack”, it does cover the basis of our capabilities. Nearly ALL of our enterprise clients have widely adopted Microsoft .NET as the infrastructure for their entire organization. ActiveLogic has a tremendous amount of experience working with a multitude of Microsoft-based products, services, languages & frameworks. While we prefer more of your modern infrastructure and languages like C# and .NET Core, we have the expertise to develop whatever is requested.

Javascript Stacks

There are a ton of variations of Javascript-based frameworks. While we can work within a traditional MEAN stack, the team here at ActiveLogic can work within other technologies as well as they pertain to your unique Javascript-based tech stack. This includes & React.JS, Vue.JS as well as other types of databases including MySql & PostgreSQL. We’re also experienced enough to handle applications written in Typescript and other various technologies.


Cloud based functions built atop AWS, Google and Azure alike all allow for the creation and development of server less applications. There is no longer a need to manage a server to run your scripts for you. This unique approach allows systems to communicate with both coupled and decoupled scripts that run independently of each other. There are a few choices of frameworks available for server less applications and the ActiveLogic team has the experience to develop complex software using a server less approach.