Business Tools & Solutions Using Our ActiveCore Platform

We’re dedicated to understanding your business and creating business tools, ERPs, CRMs, and software solutions to make your business run more efficiently!

To develop our custom business software, ActiveLogic has developed a “core” of features that allows us to get a jump-start on the development efforts and allow us to truly focus more on your business! We call this “core” set of features, ActiveCore and we’ve implemented it a thousand times! Most companies have the same set of “base features” that we include in our initial setup. All features can be heavily customized if needed. Click the button below to learn more about ActiveCore and some of the base features that come right out of the box!

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Standard & Customizable Features!

Customer & Contact Management

Keeping track of your customers, employees, candidates, and any other type of contact is built into ActiveCore. You can manage multiple contacts for a single company, keep track of notes, meetings, attachments, reminders, etc...

Work & Project Tracking System

Need to keep track of a job or any other kind of work? It's no problem... ActiveCore comes built with standard features to keep track of any and all job information, people assigned to the job, the active status, budgets, etc.

Sales & Pipeline Tracking & Management

Keeping track of what deals you have in the pipeline is absolutely critical. We have built-in features to keep track of your leads, potential jobs and clients as well as comfort it to your unique sales workflow.

Accounting & Quickbooks Integration

Integrations are absolutely critical when running a business. The last thing you want is many disconnected systems... ActiveCore can integrate with nearly any platform you need including accounting systems like Quickbooks, Netsuite, and Xero.

G-Suite or Microsoft 365 Integration

User management is historically a pain to deal with. None of your employees want to keep track of multiple usernames and passwords, so ActiveCore comes built with some of the most well-known enterprise access providers to ensure that login is a breeze and sending emails from ActiveCore actually uses your email account!

Auto-Drip Emails Campaigns

Following up with your clients, leads, employees, whoever is a mundane task at times. ActiveCore comes pre-built with the tools to help automate much of your emailing process. This includes setting up email marketing campaigns and sending your potential clients through your sales funnel!

Why we're a better choice than most off-the-shelf solutions!

Why Were a Better Choice Than Most Off-The-Shelf Solutions!

ActiveCore can integrate with any other existing system as long as they have an API, but typically we take the place of most off-the-shelf solutions like Salesforce & HubSpot.


Nearly every popular CRM has a recurring monthly or yearly licensing fee. The fees are typically based on how many users will need access to the system. Well, not ActiveOffice! You own the software and there will never be any required long-term recurring fees.


Don’t EVER change your successful business workflows to conform to a specific piece of software. The software should conform to your business, and that is exactly what ActiveOffice provides! A 100% fully customizable software system with NO limits! 


You will never own your data or the software when you use an off-the-shelf solution. You’re bound by their terms and functionality to export your critical data. With ActiveOffice, you not only own the data… you own the software. Intellectual property has a tremendous value that can add to your company’s valuation!

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