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App Development Agency

When your company needs custom software developed, you want nothing but the best. Your clients deserve top-shelf performance, features, and cybersecurity. Your team needs the streamlined backend and integrated API to keep everything running smoothly on the software solutions designed by and for your company. If your business doesn’t produce software internally, you hire the best.

From one-time software delivery to expanding your technical staff with our onboard experts, ActiveLogic is your software technology partner. We make sure you have the custom software and digital solutions your company needs to thrive. Your team can count on our team to bring our A-Game, we don’t have a B-Game to bring. 

We hire the best software engineers, architects, and developers in the business so we can provide you with the best developer services in the Phoenix software industry.

Tell Us About Your Project

To learn more about our pricing & development process, email us and we will send you our information sheet!

Mobile App Development

Forget about kit apps that look like every other app from the kit. We create custom-developed mobile apps shaped exactly to your brand and needs. iOS, Android, and cross-platform native apps in a framework of your choice.

Web Development

Have your website built by the best or hire a pro to empower your team. We create brand-unique websites. no two designs are the same. Create your ideal customer experience, back-end, API, and a UI that’s nothing like the cookie-cutter experience of your competition.

Cloud Development

Migrate your entire company to the cloud or digitize one department at a time. We will develop your cloud-based applications, APIS, and platforms for a full-scale implementation. Let us take you to the cloud with expert cloud infrastructure developers.


Need software experts to bulk up your onboard IT team? We have just the technicians, programmers, and architects to expand your technical capabilities while acting as a natural extension of your team. We’ll bring our A-game so you can always count on us to empower your ambitious technical projects.

Our SOFTWARE Development Process

Our process for software development starts with you. We know you came to us because you don’t want software that tells you how to structure your business or workflow. That, you have figured out. Now you need software that works for you, and that’s what we’re here for. Through a consultation, we get to know your brand, your customers, your team, and your use-cases. Then our software architects and programmers write every line of code with your purpose and style in mind. Once we know what you need, we’ll take care of the best way to implement those features.

Once the design is ready, we’ll show you a wireframe model design of the website, essentially a visual example of what it will look like, how the site will flow, how the tools will work, and how the conversion funnels are designed. With your approval of the design, we’ll start programming your custom app, website, platform, and the APIs need to hook it into your existing software solution. From there, we make sure it is cybersecure, run extensive tests, then deliver the complete software package to you. You can also count on our team to help you implement the software as part of your updated business tech stack.

A Few Reasons why ActiveLogic LABS
is the BEST Phoenix Software Development Company

Midwest Values for National Clients

Originally from the Midwest, we bring our strong worth ethic and down-to-earth Midwestern values to the table with both local and national clients. Here in Phoenix, you can count on our dedication, hard work, and high expectation of quality in everything we do.

Fair & Predictable Costs for Premium Development

We don't like surprise expenses, and you probably don't either. We know what it's like to be a growing business, every drop of revenue counts toward that growth. So you can always count on ActiveLogic to give you fair price rates and predictable expenses for our top-quality work.

Seasoned Professionals that Will Understand Your Industry

We understand the needs of your industry, we've worked closely with many industries and strive to provide value from that insider insight. We know your customers, your pain-points, and the tools that are most useful to you. You can trust us to craft software that is finely tuned to your business model

You're Going to Get The "A-Team" Every Time You Work With Us

You don't have to worry about getting the B-team, we don't have one. We focus on hiring the best software developers in the Phoenix area so that our team is nothing but A-Team and the game we bring to your projects is nothing but A-game.

Your Success is Our Primary Concern

We know we've succeeded when your business thrives with our software in your tech stack. Our designs' only purpose is to work for you, so your success using the software is our success. This means we focus on what will work best for you at every step in the development process.

You're Going to Enjoy Working with Us!

We make it a priority to be fun and rewarding to work with. As an energetic and highly motivated team, we'll bring that energy to our shared projects. You can always count on ActiveLabs pros to meet deadlines and collaborate helpfully all while swapping tech jokes with your in-house team. You'll love every minute of partnering with our team of software experts and all-around cool people.

Experience with MOST MODERN
Technologies and Languages

If cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box software was good enough for your company, you wouldn’t be here right now.

A website or app just like every other brand might be good enough for some, but you need something special. You need functions that DIY website makers just don’t include. You need a sitemap or framework you just can’t put together in a wiki-based website. You might have a vision for a UI that your audience will love above all templated sites, or you might want to offer a unique customer experience with hooked-in employee dashboards on the back end.

These are the reasons why custom software is better for your business than something that looks (and works) just like everything else. When the time comes to order a bespoke website, mobile app, and/or piece of software, only the best will do.

The Benefits of Working with ActiveLogic Labs

Working with Active Labs gives your team access to a complete expert team of software developers and architects. Whether you need a one-day consultation, a bespoke piece of software commissioned for development, or to bring experts onto your own team to complete a project, ActiveLogic Labs is here to provide that dedicated technical ability that you need.

Our team is 100% A-Team which means you can count on us to come through in a pinch, to have an idea when the ideas have run out and – most of all – to make truly great software. Every line of Phoenix custom software development is written with your company’s brand and purpose and our own extremely high personal quality standards in mind.  We pass this quality on to you when you are working with excellently crafted and implemented software hand-tailored to your company’s brand and business model.