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When your team needs custom software development, you and your clients deserve the best. You need top-of-the-line security, performance, and functionality and you don’t have time for the trial-and-error of working with amateurs. 

Whether you need a one-time software delivery or a developer team to expand your staff to full technical capabilities, ActiveLogic is ready to give you our A-game. We don’t have a B-team, we hire the best software developers so we can provide you with the best developer services in the industry.

Operating from right here in Kansas City, we are proud to offer strong Midwest values in quality and performance to clients both locally and nationally.

Tell Us About Your Project

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Mobile App Development

Not your average cookie-cutter app design. Custom-developed mobile apps tailored to your business. iOS, Android, and cross-platform apps your choice of framework.

Web Development

Build your website with an expert team. Unique branded websites built to your specifications. Cutting-edge performance, security, and design features at your fingertips.

Cloud Development

Take everything to the cloud. Cloud-based applications, APIs, and platforms ready for full-scale implementation by our team of cloud infrastructure experts.


Expand your IT team and developer capabilities with our A-Team of software devs. We’ll augment your current developer staff with our A-Team of pro developers ready to assist.

Our SOFTWARE Development Process

Our Kansas City software development process hinges on your needs. Fully custom apps, websites, and software don’t build themselves; we write every line of code with your company brand, business model, and specific functionality needs in mind. At the beginning of our partnership, our team will sit down with your team for a consultation so that we fully understand your goals and what you need from the bespoke software. We’ll get to know your brand, your team, what your software needs to do, and the best way to implement those features.

From there, we’ll show you a few wireframes to confirm the initial design and dive into development. Our expert programmers and designers will craft your custom app, website, or platform, test it, and deliver the software to you fully ready to implement. If your software needs to interface with existing programs, ask and we’ll build an API and test the integration. You can also count on our experts to ensure every custom program is equipped with cutting-edge cybersecurity and speed performance optimization.

A Few Reasons why ActiveLogic LABS is the BEST Kansas City Software Development Company

Midwest Values for National Clients

Based in Kansas City, we are proud to bring our strong Midwestern values to both local and national service. We bring dedication, hard work, and high expectations for quality in everything we do.

Fair & Predictable Costs for Premium Development

No surprise fees or exorbitant costs. We know what it's like to be a small and growing business. You can always count on ActiveLogic to provide fair and predictable costs for our top-quality work.

Seasoned Professionals that Will Understand Your Industry

We've worked closely with many industries and understand the ins-and-outs of your industry needs. From pain-points to useful tools, you can trust our team to understand your team and your business model.

You're Going to Get The "A-Team" Every Time You Work With Us

We don't have a B-Team. We hire the best software developers in the business and build a strong team so we can offer you our A-Team – every time.

Your Success is Our Primary Concern

We know the purpose of software is to work for you. Our primary goal is to leave you with a program that will enhance your experience and capabilities.

You're Going to Enjoy Working with Us!

We make it a priority to be fun and awesome to work with. From meeting deadlines to trading jokes with your in-house dev team, you'll love every minute of working with the ActiveLogic team.

Experience with MOST MODERN
Technologies and Languages

Our team of expert developers comes from a wide range of backgrounds and technology expertise. We can handle a wide range of platform requirements, native design, and programming languages depending on your needs. We can work with your enterprise software, building custom APIs to interface with your new custom software. Customer mobile apps to back-end cloud integration, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Custom Software for Your Company

Most branded software released today is done with out-of-the-box cookie cutter apps and websites. Like the Ikea of software development, these WYSIWYG programs will give you simple functionality and a place to put your logo – but nothing to impress or effectively provide for your customers or your team.

Custom software with a team of skilled Kansas City developers allows your company to offer something unique, powerful, and singularly useful to your userbase. Custom software allows you to fine-tune the features you want, pick your UI design, and 100% brand the appearance so every detail reflects your brand design, personality, and values.

Bespoke customer-facing software gives you a competitive edge as customers realize your website, app, and tools go beyond the cookie-cutter experience they’ve had with your contemporaries. With tools and interfaces only available through your software, customers will come back again and again for the uniquely valuable virtual experience you have to offer.

Custom back-end software empowers your team directly with exactly the tools and collaboration spaces you need to transform your workflow – and maybe even your industry. Give your team the perfect tools, dashboards, and cloud integration to super-power their productivity and provide a rewarding digital workspace branded with your unique brand personality.

The Benefits of Working with ActiveLogic Labs

Working with our dedicated team of Kansas City software developers, you will gain the benefit of our full attention to detail and concern for your business success. From the first consultation to the final implementation, you can count on our dedication to quality and powerful software design is always in your favor. 

We want to help you identify and then build for you the best features and tools for your team. We strive to capture not just your brand’s design appearance, but the values and passion of your brand as well. If you need team augmentation or the perfect piece of bespoke software to perfect your business model, we’ll bring our A-game.