With over 30 local developers & engineers, ActiveLogic has a wide range of experience in several industries across the US!

While much of the work we provide to our clients remains the intellectual property of our clients and cannot be publicly showcased, we’ve obtained permission to to display a small portion of our work and what our clients had to say about their experience working with us.

Hear It From Our Clients!

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Live Streaming Platform

We are proud to have worked on many streaming-style applications. Anything from on-demand video streaming to live streaming events and everything in between. We’ve created dozens of various platforms over the years that allow its’ users to join specific “groups” or “rooms” and watch gated access to live streaming content.  We’ve been involved in making some extremely feature-rich platforms that allow administrators to control access, stream video, archive streams, and creating a cutting-edge front-end system that optimizes the video feeds for users based on internet speeds. 

Users can not only sift through chapters in the recorded video but communicate in real-time by asking questions to speakers or other guests, allow for video ratings and even join different groups at any time. 

ActiveLogic is no stranger to the world of streaming and we’ve worked in varying technologies. Everything from setting our a brand new infrastructure to integrating with well-known services like Vimeo and Wowza. We’ve got your streaming needs covered!

iOS & Android Based Mobile Apps

While most of the work we do at ActiveLogic Labs remains the property of our clients, we do have a handful of public-facing mobile apps that can be download on Apple’s AppStore or the Google Play Market. 

ActiveLogic Labs creates custom-designed and developed mobile applications for any mobile device, including tablets, phones, watches, TV, vehicle, and other wearable devices. We utilize industry-standard tools and frameworks to create these apps. For apps that we feel benefit from a cross-platform approach, then ReactNative, Expo, Ionic, Cordova, or Flutter are commonly used. For your non-so-standard apps or apps that will benefit more from having true “closer to the metal” performance, then our team develops natively written apps in Swift, Kotlin, Java, Objective-C, and even a bit of C++.

Custom Business Software (CRMs, ERPs, & Integrations)

We’re dedicated to understanding your business and creating business tools, ERPs, CRMs, and software solutions to make your business run more efficiently! To develop our custom business software, ActiveLogic has developed a “core” of features that allows us to get a jump-start on the development efforts and allow us to truly focus more on your business! We call this “core” set of features, ActiveCore and we’ve implemented it a thousand times! Most companies have the same set of “base features” that we include in our initial setup. All features can be heavily customized if needed. Click the button below to learn more about ActiveCore and some of the base features that come right out of the box!