Codename: Unlaiden Swallow

Written by Chad McElwain 5 months ago

Everyone has an epic idea at some point. An idea that most of the time is a solution to a problem they experience frequently if not every single day. Whether the fruit of this epiphany comes to fruition or not is entirely controlled by a number of different factors.

There are all kinds of ideas that are waiting to come to life out there. Terrible ideas, over complicated ideas, wonderful ideas, ideas that save lives. This series of articles is not about products, or services. This series is about one of those ideas. I invite everyone to follow the progression of this one idea I place in the Fun category. It solves a problem most assuredly but more so, it's just cool.

If you are interested in products and services and need help with your idea, send us a message. We can help you, tell your story and solve your problem. Our process is simple but effective.

The Process of Prototyping Part 1: The Idea. Part 2: The Nitty Gritty. Part 3: The Build. Part 4: The Testing. Part 5: The Finishing, Christening and Hashtagging. (Yes I know hashtag is a noun...)

Part 1: The idea. A Conversation in Passing "Hey I want a drone. A huge drone with our logo on it. I want people to be able to see it from the highway as they are driving by." "Sweet! Sounds fun. Let me send you some pictures I already have a few ideas."

2 hours later...

Rapid prototyping is great, but rarely done right. We like the phrase Rapid Prototyping and take the word Rapid to heart. We have taken the ethereal idea out of the brain space and gave it a face, gave it some personality, we have started to make it real.

Thanks for reading and following along! Please visit our website for more photos of this and other projects. If you need help with your idea please contact us!

Come back for Part 2: The Nitty Gritty, and thanks again.