About Us

ActiveLogic Labs is a full stack software development company headquartered in Kansas City and was founded in 2014 by Robert Kehoe. Robert has a long career of software development & engineering and has performed consulting and contract work for the better part of 12 years for hundreds of clients.

Now, ActiveLogic Labs is comprised of a small team of extremely skilled developers ranging in a myriad of different skill-sets. We boast about having our team completely local (Kansas City as well as Chicago)! Everything from product design, user experience front-end development, developer operations, back-end development & system administrators is done by our in-house collaborative team of professionals! We do not outsource anything!

Robert KehoeFounder & CEO
Christine KehoeCo-Founder & Operations
Troy ReinertsenDirector of Business Development
Eric SchwartzDirector of Development
Don BlackburnBusiness Development Manager
NathanLead Software Engineer
BenLead Software Engineer
MichaelLead Software Engineer
HamidSoftware Engineer
MattSoftware Engineer
RositaSoftware Engineer