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We're versatile, that's clear as day. Our team is not glued to a specific technology simply because that is where our experience lays. One of the greatest qualities of a senior developer is the ability to adapt and pick up new technologies quickly & move forward. The one thing we say a lot around ActiveLogic is that "Logic is transferable".

It's far too easy to get stuck in a technology that you are familiar with, and this mindset will ensure that you never sit on the forefront and bleeding edge of technology. Technology is advancing all the time and we've come quite a ways since the internets conception. Our team is a group of senior level engineers who strive to push our own personal limits. When the opportunity arises to learn a new technology or integrate a new piece of software, we're all over it! Just ask our current partners.

We have an expert team of developers with real-world experience in many technologies including: .NET, C#, ASP, Java, PHP, Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Yii, NodeJS, ElectronJS, Python, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby & Rails & many others. This doesn't even tap the surface of what we know on the front-end or when it comes to server admin and developer operations.

.NET / ASP & C# Development Java Development PHP Development NodeJS Development Laravel Development Python Development Elixir / Phoenix Development Ruby on Rails Development

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